L'Oasis de Terre Rouge


This contract is subject to the statute for furnished tourist accommodation. The resident (occupant) may not avail himself of the legal provisions applicable to residential leases, in particular as regards keeping the premises. Any domiciliation in the Residence, for private or professional reasons, is prohibited.

The reservation of accommodation at the Residence "l'Oasis de Terre Rouge" is only valid after acceptance of the reservation by "l'Oasis de Terre Rouge". For the reservation to be firm, it must be guaranteed by the payment of atrres by bank transfer, or credit card (via our website), or in cash.

The aforementioned ahrres must correspond to 30% of the amount of the stay at "l'Oasis de Terre Rouge".

When booking their stay, the customer must pay a sum equal to 30% of the amount of their stay. Amount paid by bank transfer, credit card or cash.

30 days before his arrival, the customer must pay the balance of his stay by transfer, credit card or cash.

In the event that it has been agreed that payment for a resident's stay will be made by a third party, the resident (occupant) will remain personally responsible for the payment in question.

The accommodation will be made available to the resident in a good state of repair.The resident will use the leased premises and their facilities with a "good father". The villas and apartments are "non-smoking". It is therefore strictly forbidden to smoke inside the homes. Residents will also have the delicacy of avoiding throwing cigarette butts in the garden.

For reasons of comfort, security and tranquility, residents may under no circumstances invite more than 2 visitors (friends, family, etc.) to the residence and to the accommodation they occupy. As regards access to the swimming pool and for insurance reasons, it is strictly reserved for residents (access prohibited to visitors). If these rules, which are very important for the well-being of all tenants are not respected, they will be the subject of a first warning, then a termination of the rental contract with immediate effect. Offenders will then have to leave the premises without the possibility of reimbursement of their rental.

"L'Oasis de Terre Rouge" reserves the right to enter the premises rented for maintenance, security, or turn off the air conditioning if the tenants have forgotten to turn it off when leaving.

Article 5 - DEPOSIT
On arrival, the customer must also pay a deposit for the accommodation he will occupy. This deposit, amounting to € 300 for a villa and € 200 for an apartment, must be returned in cash. If the inventory and the entry inventory is consistent with the inventory and the exit inventory; the deposit will be returned to the customer immediately upon departure.

If any damage or breakage in the accommodation rented to the said client is noted, the client must immediately cover the costs caused by the damage. Residents are therefore advised to be covered by "civil liability" insurance.

Article 6 - PRICE
Prices are indicated in euros (local currency) and only include the provision of an apartment or a villa. They do not include any tax (local tourist tax, etc.).

Subject to availability and at the discretion of "l'Oasis de Terre Rouge", the duration of the stay may be extended, without obligation to stay in the same apartment or at the same price.

In the event of an accepted extension of the stay and application of a new price, this will be applicable from the original date of arrival. In case of early departure, no refund will be made.

The customer will have 12 hours to cancel their reservation free of charge. This period will take effect as soon as the reservation is confirmed via our website or an online reservation partner site.

After this period, any cancellation will be subject to a cancellation indemnity equal to 30% of the sum corresponding to the planned stay. Amount deducted from the ahrres paid.

After 30 days of the expected date of arrival of the customer, any cancellation will be subject to a cancellation compensation equal to 100% of the sum corresponding to the planned stay. Amount taken from the paid balance. We strongly advise future residents to take out cancellation insurance.

If the customer does not show up on the scheduled day of arrival, he will in no case be able to request a refund of the sums paid corresponding to the days when he did not show up (see date on the reservation certificate received by email) .

Failure to arrive on the day provided (by reservation) at the residence "l'Oasis de terre Rouge", and in the event of no cancellation by mail or email, this situation will be considered as a "no show" and may not be the subject of any request for reimbursement of sums already paid by the customer.

The effective date of a written cancellation will be the date it is sent to the residence (the postmark being taken as proof) or by email.

The responsibility of the residence "l'Oasis de Terre Rouge" cannot be engaged in the event of theft or damage to personal effects in the apartments, including in the common premises, the swimming pool, the car park and all other outbuildings. or annexes of the residence.

As this accommodation contract is subject to the statute for furnished tourist accommodation, the provisions of Articles 1952 et seq. Of the Civil Code, relating to hoteliers, do not apply.

The contract will be terminated automatically, without formality and without delay, in the event of non-performance by the resident of any of these obligations or inappropriate behavior likely to disrupt the stay of the other occupants. The resident must immediately leave the premises and may be evicted if necessary, with the help of the police.

Article 11 - LITIGATION
Any dispute between a resident and the residence "l'Oasis de Terre Rouge" must be resolved before the tribunal de grande instance of Saint-Pierre (Reunion Island) which has sole jurisdiction to resolve the dispute in the event of failure of a resolution amicably.